Tom Messner, Yahoo! Giants of Advertising Series

10/26/2013 at 2:46 pm

Long before Mad Men,  We created, produced and shot the leading advertising icons as part of the Yahoo! Giants of Advertising Series

Tom is probably most known for doing the advertising, off and on, for MCI from its inception (Reach Out and Touch Someone. Just do it for 50% less)in 1979 into the 21st Century. Other notable campaigns he wrote were Pan Am in the 70s (Every American has a Second Heritage. We’d Like to Help You Discover Yours), Commodore Computers (A real computer for the price of a toy) in 1982, and SAAB (A Car for the Left Side of Your Brain. A Car for the Right Side of Your Brain.) in 1983. In 1984, he also worked on the Reagan-Bush re-election campaign as part of the Tuesday Team and then Bush-Quayle in 1988.


Tom’s analogy of the advertising business and farming,

Farmers are the most pragmatic of all business people,  the sooner they can adopt a new technology that eases their work, that makes them more productive, they will get it.  Advertising people on the other hand are reluctant.

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