Lynda Bauer

Gilbert Hammer’s ease in identifying new strategic business
opportunities through the intersection of technologies was evident in
the Vid Therapy Pro partnership. Functioning as the business
principal with a health care provider, Gilbert directed marketplace
strategy and evangelized the new offering. As a consultant, I
participated in a series of business planning sessions with Gilbert
for the new service-as-software platform to deliver videos to patients with real-time compliance through their mobile devices.

Gilbert’s agility in shifting priorities with new information derived from a disciplined approach to marketplace analysis was more evidence of his inherent multi-platform orientation as both bottom line business developer and creative visionary.


Chris Munch
Taking a bite of the web

Gilbert is very knowledgeable on IPTV technologies and is well connected within the industry.


Bill Lessard
President/Creative Director, PRwithBrains

Gilbert is one of the most knowledgeable and talented folks I have had the pleasure of working with. In the field of streaming media, he is an unparalleled expert, understanding both the day-to-day production aspects all the way up to where things are going as IP-based content becomes the dominant delivery system for mainstream entertainment.

Gilbert is an asset to any project or any organization with a need for someone of his broad base of talents and experience.


Matthew Ross
Web Designer / Developer / Educator

A devoted and highly dependable colleague, Gilbert was always there to manage production shoots or lend a hand at other encoding projects. He works well in high stress projects or when there is no room for error. During tough times, Gilbert was there to learn any new process or software program used to help out the rest of the production team. He is a planner. Gilbert is a team player I would work with Gilbert on anything again, if the opportunity arose. He is a pleasure to work with and would be an asset to any team.


Kristana Textor
Consultant for Video, Art, and Games.

Gilbert is an excellent DP with a keen eye for detail. His thoroughness in lighting and commitment to high production values sets him apart as a professional. I’ve never seen anyone keep their gear so well maintained as Gilbert!


Adrian Smith
Senior Producer, Slice of Life Media

Gilbert is an effective and trusted producer. Through my work with Gilbert as a producer both at Yahoo! and on several independent projects I know him to be not only an excellent project manager but also a superb director of production and creative staff. Gilbert is also one of the most up-to-date people I know on the subject of developing media technology and is an expert on state-of-the-art webcasting and production. Gilbert is also a talented videographer/director of photography and has excellent taste in lighting design.


Linda Blank
Operations Mgr., Yahoo! Sales Learning + Development

Gilbert was the Producer and Technical director for a summit conference which his group later produced as an On-demand webcast. *He was dedicated to making everything go smoothly; spent the entire night prior setting up. *Adapted easily to last-minute changes and had a sense of humor. *I would highly recommend Gilbert as a talented, dedicated, resourceful and hard-working individual.


Stacey Pear
Sales Director

Gilbert is a very organized, thorough, detail oriented person. He can be relied on to create order in difficult situations and I always felt I could depend on him to deliver.
I would recommend Gilbert for any video production management role.


Mark D’Andrea
Environmental Sustainability Project Developer

Mr. Hammer and I have collaborated on streaming media (SM) technology projects including the implementation and deployment of SM at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (MSDW), ‘96 –‘00. Mr. Hammer was involved in the operation, quality control and testing of SM software applications. His attention to detail, high standards and commitment was instrumental in the success of SM deployment at MSDW